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Title: Zurui yo Magnetic today
Artist: Maki Nishikino & Nico Yazawa

im not sure why this has so many followers but if you want to offer to trade with me then im open to thaT (if its bc of that anyway)?? I…. FEEL…. *sweats* hey are you enjoying the music

Anonymous: Would you trade for a domain or do you already know how to do the domain thing?

i wouldn’t.. i’m not interested in domains even if i don’t know how to do them myself, sorry. besides, my friends know how!!

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Title: START:DASH!! (MAKI Mix)
Artist: Maki Nishikino

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Title: いりぐちでぐち
Artist: Ichiko Aoba

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Title: めめめめめ
Artist: そらる

ah hi i have a few kagepro canon urls potentially up fror trade? the ones i have are kanoshuuya, tateyamaayano, tsubomikido, all of which are in use ( one by my friend ).

i’m really only looking for sports-related urls at this point, to be honest, but i’ll consider other offers. that means haikyuu!!, knb, and free! ( i’m not into yowapeda ;; )

you can message me here if interested!

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Title: Peropero ne
Artist: Sayu Hisanuma (CV: Kaori Ishihara)
Album: Nagi no Asukara Character Song CD 2
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Title: Don't say lazy
Artist: Houkago Tea Time
Album: Don't say lazy CD single
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Title: Nico Puri Joshi Dou
Artist: Yazawa Nico (CV: Tokui Sora)
Album: Love Live! Original Song CD 5 - Yazawa Nico