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Anonymous: hi!! um would you be interested in a canon pokemon url?

nah;; thanks tho

5663 plays
Title: One Summer's Day
Artist: Joe Hisaishi
Album: Spirited Away OST
173987 plays
Title: だいじょばない
Artist: Perfume
Album: 未来のミュージアム
411125 plays
Title: Safe
Artist: Avatar The Last Airbender

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Title: In Da Shop (Full Version)
Artist: 50 Cent vs Ravio

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Title: 처럼 해봐요 (My Copycat)
Artist: Orange Caramel
Album: The Fourth Single 'My Copycat'
1097 plays
Title: またあした / See You Again
Artist: Souta ft. Kaai Yuki

Anonymous: what about dmmd

i dont like dmmd

Anonymous: how about atelier url?

i’m not into atelier either, sorry!

Anonymous: would you accept jjba urls?

naaahh im not into jjba!